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Info Patch 2.4 en provenance du PTS

Message par Viktor Destroyer le Mer 28 Mar - 18:39

2.4 PTS Version Notes

Global Territory Control

Keeps have been added to new locations such as Office Park, Feral Boughs (near Quarantine), Tinker's Dam, The Dump, Fender Gate, and Park City.
All Keeps have Keep Defense missions that are level-appropriate for the area.
Fixed a bug that caused Keep Defense missions to award too much experience.
Faction Control Points have been added to Waste Farm and Hollister Point. The Faction Control Points in non-PvP areas have been removed.
Keeps in Conflict Towns add influence to the town, just like Faction Control Points.
Keeps in Conflict Towns are only immune for 30 minutes.
· All Timed Conflict Towns have been changed to regular Conflict Towns.

· Fixed a bug that would cause Conflict Towns to delay changing to a new owner. The threshold for controlling a town is calculated differently and will often be lower than before.

Faction Changes

Shoulder factions have been removed. If you run a mission for a faction, you only earn points in that faction and lose points in the opposite faction. If you kill a player or NPC of a faction, you only lose points in their faction and gain points in the opposite faction.
Players must now choose a single faction to participate in most PvP activities, access faction-gated merchants, or chat in a faction channel.
To choose a faction, talk to a faction chooser NPC in one of the faction towns in Sector 2 or Sector 3.
You can choose any faction with which you have a positive reputation. It does not have to be your highest faction, but you can only have one chosen faction.
Your chosen faction replaces all the functionality that used to depend on your current highest faction. It will determine which faction channel you are in, which faction Control Points and Keeps change to when you capture them, whether you can access faction merchants, and what faction you give to other players when killed.
Once you choose a faction, you are locked into that faction until your reputation with that faction becomes negative. If your reputation with your chosen faction is negative, your chosen faction will be reset, and you can choose a new faction.
Players do not earn faction points from PvP kills if they or their target have no chosen faction. Players do not earn faction points from PvP kills if they have a positive reputation in their target's chosen faction. Players do not earn faction points from PvP or PvE kills if they have 0 points with the target's highest faction.
Players no longer earn less faction points as they gain ranks in a faction.
Faction gains from PvP kills are now treated the same as those for PvE kills.
Players who enter a PvP area below their level now get a debuff that caps some of their stats to a lower level. The old Equalizer debuff has been disabled.
The faction harvesting knowledges are now only active if you have chosen that faction. Players can only harvest from nodes for their chosen faction.
· When you gain a Faction Control Point, the bonuses now only apply to players in the area with the same chosen faction. It does not apply to players on the same team as the player who took the point.


· Added a new feature that allows players to track up to five missions at once. Waypoints for all tracked missions are displayed on the map and radar.
· Each faction now has a distinct color on the radar and nametags. Players will show as this color consistently instead of relative to your highest faction. (CHOTA/red, Traveler/purple, Tech/blue, Lightbearer/orange, Vista/green, Enforcer/brown)
· Help tips now stay closed when closed via the menu icon. If the window is not closed (you can see the arrow) they will always display upon reaching a new help tip.
· The Trainer radar icon has been updated for all merchants that have "Trainer" in their label that shows under the name. A map filter has been added as well, allowing players to separate trainers from other merchants. Trainers are now displayed as a light bulb on the radar and map.
· The default pack tabs for new characters have been from single tab to Gear (armor and weapons), Ammo, Usable, Tradeskill, Mission and other.
· The default pack icons size for new characters has been changed from “small” to “medium”.
· Modified the size of the gear window to reduce amount of unnecessary space.
· Added a menu option to change the size of the players radar.
· Added new icons for mounts on the map and radar. Living mounts now appear as a blue horse head and vehicles now appear as a blue key.


Players now earn reduced experience for player kills in Blood Sports. Players who are at the level cap for their bracket do not earn any experience.
Experience and Faction gains in PvP now work the same as DeathToll. Each time a player dies in a short period of time, the amount of Experience and Faction they give is reduced in a triangular fashion (/3, /6, /10, /15, /21). Previously each kill lowered the experience by 20%.
Fixed another issue that could cause players to not respawn in Blood Sports.
· Blood Sports DeathToll gains are now affected by account level and buffs.
Faction Control Point DeathToll and Faction gains are now affected by account level and buffs.


· Added red shaded areas on the mini-map to help distinguish PvP areas.

Camps, Harvesters and Progress Towns

Harvesters can only be placed in Territory Control areas that are a high enough level to generate the resource they create.
The barrel spawn rate for uncommon and rare components has been reduced.
· Harvesters now persist through a restart.
· The way all camps and related systems calculate time has been changed. Camps no longer count down their time while the server is offline. This new method may be less accurate. If you place a camp and the duration if off by more than 5 minutes, please report this.
· Fixed an issue that could cause Progress Town attackers to become PvP flagged or have their loot rights transferred to an NPC.


Fixed the Social values of several merchants.
Regular merchants in Camps and Progress Towns now have slightly better prices for players with points in Social.
· NPC town guards should no longer drop items.

· Some Master build creatures have had their stats adjusted, such as Doctor Kirsh, Professor Thornberg, and Professor Emeritus Smith in Chemtown.

· Fixed an issue where some NPCs were not dropping the items they were supposed to be.

· Added merchant only components to the merchant "Humberto Namir" in Chemtown.

· Fixed an issue where CHOTA Warriors in Tinkersdam were instantly respawning.

· Fixed an issue where Derick Bastian in Gaia sounded like a girl.

· Fixed an issue where Lightbearer guards in St. Sebastian's were attacking Lightbearer players.

· Adjusted loot tables on CoGs near Chemtown to account for mission goals.

World Events

Added a World Event to Barret Manor.


You can once again skip the tutorial without fighting the first Clone Dissector.
Players now get all the harvesting and mining knowledge’s automatically in the tutorial. The price of all harvesting and mining knowledge books has been decreased to 1 chip.
The order that help tips appear has been changed to match changes in the help tips window.


Fixed a rare bug in certain Defend missions that would prevent players from getting the last wave of attackers or getting credit for the last wave of attackers.
Fixed a bug with locked doors in instance missions.
· Reduced the amount of items required to complete the mission "Conservation of Mass" in Kristo's Rest.

· Reduced the amount of items required to complete the mission "Best of the Rest" in Kristo's Rest.

· Fixed an issue where the third step of the mission chain "Steve's New Toy" in Oilville would not work properly.

· Adjusted the mission "Workplace Safety" in Mumford so that the friendly NPCs are no longer in the way.

· Adjusted Pat Haskins’ position for the mission “The Doctor’s Peril” in New Flagstaff.

· Adjusted support mission goal requirements to account for ability cooldown timers.

· Added a short mission chain in Brekshire.

· Adjusted the mission "Hazmatic" in Chemtown to require Impure Adhesive instead of Standard Adhesive.

· Adjusted the mission goals for the mission "Revved Up" in Needle Eye.

· Adjusted the mission "Roadblock-aide" in Terminal Woods so that it requires Improved Pain Killers instead of Strong Pain Killers.

· Added a mission step to the extended tutorial to take the player to the local garage.

· Fixed an issue where Shark Farrow would not spawn for the mission "The Hunted Shark".

· Fixed an issue where Vise would not spawn for the mission "Break Vise's Grip".

· Adjusted the rewards of certain missions in Zanesville, Mumford, and Boneclaw.

· Lowered the goal requirement of the missions "Rubber to the Road" and "Burning Rubber".

· Adjusted the mission "Culling the Competition" in Old Kingman so that the mission target remains close to the waypoint.

· Added a waypoint to the mission "Ouch! That Stings!" in Post 23.

· Fixed a typo in the mission "Force of Nature" in Haven.


Fixed a bug where certain items could be used from a mount's inventory.
The Omega Arms Asclepius now heals for the stated 60 damage.
Improved Toughening Shot's description is now accurate.
Surgical and Filter masks have had their armor adjusted to fit their descriptions.


· Misdirection and Lucky Break now consume stamina.
· All ranks of Shake it Off now consume the right amount of stamina, instead of all ranks consuming the same amount.
· Siphon Energy can no longer be used on yourself.
· Kneecap 6 was only slowing targets by 33%, it now slows 36% as stated.
· Reconstruction's tooltips gave the wrong cooldown; these have been fixed and the cooldown now says 10 minutes rather than 3.
· Charge - This ability now has a default duration of 8 seconds and can be removed by appropriate ranks of Provoke.
· Provoke - This ability now lasts for 15 seconds, and will remove appropriate ranks of Charge as stated in the descriptions.
· Boosted most Training abilities and some Rank 1 abilities.


· Advanced Boosters 2 now correctly requires 20 Impure Botanic Chemical.
· Advanced Torso 2 now correctly requires Aramex instead of Kevlar.
· Crude Disease Resistance now takes 4 weak botanic chemical, rather than 24.
· Basic Medium and Light ammunition crafting times have been reduced, and efficient and economic light/medium/heavy ammunition recipes now have scaled crafting times similar to the basic recipes.
· Most low level Recipes in Armorcraft, Weaponry, and Ballistics have had their crafting times reduced.


Blackjack machines have been re-enabled.
The trial user reminder no longer shows up every login.
· All players now have a new ability called "Find Closest Garage." This ability will give you the x,y coordinates of the nearest garage. These can then be copied into a waypoint, etc.

· Increased the amount of low level nodes around starter towns.

· Increased the amount of harvest, scavenge, and mining nodes in Sector 1.

· Added no mount zones to the Coppermine LifeNet Pod and the Faction Territory Control LifeNet Pods.

In Progress

· Haven revamp in progress.

· All “paired” item types (Hand, Lower Arm, Upper Arm, and Thigh items) now consist of one item that takes up both slots. This change is still in progress: some things are still missing, including the new gear window and a fix for players currently wearing two of any of these items.

· All of these items have had their armor values doubled.
· All recipes requiring two of an item of this type have been changed to only require one.
· All recipes above 60 skill that produce one of these items have had their component costs doubled.

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